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Xbox, PS4 turned off by itself after 1 seconds, Playstation 4 repair CPU overheating heatsink Fan fixing thermal paste Richmond CA, El Sobrante, Pinole, Hercules, Vallejo, Orinda, San Pablo Berkeley Emmeryville Oakland CA

Xbox PS3 PS4 Nitendo game console CPU over heating problem repair fix Richmond CA, El Sobrante CA repair near me El Sobrante CA
PS4 turned off by itself after 1 seconds
Daniel Computer is your complete solution for Game consoles, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Nitendo,  computers and IMac, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air computer repair in El Sobrante CA

Game machine CPU overheating problem is one of the typical problems on PS4, Xbox, game machines. After intensive gaming, the thermal paste layer that conduct the heat between CPU/GPU and heatsink(with fan) will eventually worn out, later it will not dissipate the heat properly from the CPU, then it will overheated and PS4, Xbox system will automatically shutdown by itself.  we provide the complete overheating problem solution. please call us for estimation 510-684-7207

HDMI port replacement will take 1-2 weeks, it requires microscopic welding process, please contact us for more details

we also provide SSD hard drive upgrade or bigger hard drive replacement for Xbox, Playstation 4


blu ray driver fix and repair. it depends on situation, we can fix your playstation, Xbox disk driver problem 

xbox overheating repair, PS4 overheating repair, PS3 repair, shut down immediately by itself after 1-2 sec solution/repair.

PS3 PS4 DVD Blu-ray disc problem,  Bug infested consoles (Cockroaches), Blue light of death, White light of death
PS3 PS4 Nitendo game console repair fix
PS3 PS4 Nitendo game console repair fix Richmond CA, El Sobrante CA. We fix game consoles:  Top 5 PS4 Problems: HDMI, overheating
Overheating problem PS3 PS4 Nitendo game console repair fix

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4921 wagon wheel way, El Sobrante CA 94803


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