How do I fix a virus infection on my computer?

You just found that your PC, Mac or laptop might be infected with a virus or malware (malicious software). Removing a infected files with computer virus is not that easy, but we, can help you with careful and decisive action of removing a virus, please call us 

I hate this virus infected slow computer! we can fix your computer Richmond CA

Look familiar?   What is this picture about?  Attractive mad businesswoman in light blue blouse sitting at her workplace in office, looking at laptop screen with an angry expression. Her Computer is just infected with a malicious virus and make it her PC too slow, impossible to continue to work. The computer virurs infected computer often leads to the file error and data lost, what are you going to do?

No worry!

Daniel Computer provides DATA RECOVERY Service in Richmond CA,

Get a free diagnostic.  We recover from the worst of disasters, including non-powering external drives, clicking drives, and dead computers.  No data, no charge.

Daniel Computer provides Data recovery service, Mac & Computer crashing lost data recovery, file backup & transfer to new computer PC, Richmond CAHercules CA, Pinole CA, San Pablo Ca, Orinda CA, El Cerrito CA.

We, daniel-computer also provide LCD repair, replacement service for Laptop computer Notebook PC.

Screen replacement will take usually 7 business days, you will be charged new parts and our labor fee, please call us if you have any damaged LCD screen to replace or repair. Daniel Computer provides a Computer PC Mac repair service in Richmond CA Area. Whatever your PC issue is, you will receive a quick PC service that has your computer running like new again in Richmond CA, Hercules CA, Pinole CA, San Pablo Ca, Orinda CA, El Cerrito CA. 

Dell HP Laptop Computer PC LCD repair replacement El Sobrante CA
lenovo IMB thinkpad Laptop PC notebook LCD repair El Sobrante CA

LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT: Cracked laptop screen? Black Screen laptop display? Please call us for your laptop screen replaced. We can have your laptop fixed.

Laptop Computer PC LCD repair replacement Richmond El Sobrante CA, Notebook Computer LCD repair replacement El Sobrante CA, Richmond CA,