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How much does it cost to repair Nintendo Switch? To find it out, please call us, Nintendo Switch & Lite repair case upgrade, NS LCD replacement fix Richmond CA

Nintendo Switch Lite repair upgrad case R

Daniel-Computer, Repairing Your Nintendo Switch System. Applies to: Nintendo Switch Family, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite.

Service area: all bay area city, Richmond Ca, Oakland CA, San Francisco, San Jose CA

How to request for repair service:
please call us, 510-684-7207
or email:
tell us about your Model, problem, symptoms
please ship to or drop off at:
daniel computer
4921 wagon wheel way
El Sobrante CA 94803 USA
Nitendo Switch Lite repair upgrad case R

Nintendo switch repair, Nintendo switch fix, Nintendo switch service , Nintendo switch lcd repair , nintendo switch battery replacement



4921 wagon wheel way

El Sobrante CA 94803


510-684-7207, Daniel Chun

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