Daniel Computer provides: 

Cyber Security and Digital Data Protection for small and mid business company.  Cybersecurity Firewall Setup | Computer Security Richmond CA, Oakland CA, San Jose CA, secure firewall technology for online data access defense against hackers, virus and insecure information for privacy.

Provide firewall security for your Internet connection Make sure the operating system's firewall is enabled

The SG-3100 pfSense Security Gateway Appliance can be configured as a firewall, LAN or WAN router, VPN appliance, DHCP Server, DNS Server, and IDS/IPS with optional packages to deliver a high performance, high throughput front-line security appliance at an excellent price in a compact footprint. With preloaded pfSense software, the SG-3100 is a fast networking security solution unencumbered by traditional annual contracts, licensing fees, or artificial limitations. Flexibility is built in to the SG-3100 with upgrade options such as a m.2 SATA SSD, LTE cellular, or mPCIe Wi-Fi.

We provide state of the art technology: Pfsense Netgate firewall system on your home, the office of your business. Protect your computer network from Hackers and Virus infection.